Troubleshooting the Most Common Heat Pump Issues

Unfortunately, that’s difficult on your heat pumps. As explained by How Stuff Works, a heat pump uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another, and they can be used to heat up a room by pulling heat from the air or ground or reversed to cool off a room.
And when the temps outside are blazing, your heat pumps might be working extra hard. And that means, they might break down.
Sometimes, all you need is a bit of maintenance. Other times, you’re looking at replacing a broken down heat pump. However, before you call a professional or dive in for some DIY, take a moment to identify the problem. If you know the most common heat pump problems, you can do a little troubleshooting of your own. Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll most likely encounter:

Lack of Sufficient Power
As Home Tips says, one of the most commonly encountered issues is a lack of power. Make sure the switch is on and that the thermostat is set. Then check if your heating unit is getting enough energy. If it is properly plugged in and switched on but the heat pump is still not working, then you’ll probably need to call a professional. That’s because the heat pump might have a blown fuse. Handling all that electrical work is dangerous. Leave it to Cool Air Sam before you attempt any electrical work yourself.

Not Heating Properly
If your heating unit is not giving the right amount of heat, you likely have an issue with the filters and coils. Make sure to check the air filters and see if they are cleaned. Clogged filters will overheat the unit. This will cause a drop in temperature no matter how much you adjust the thermostat. Also check if the coils are clean and if the registers are open. Otherwise, the reversing valve might need adjustment or the blowers might need replacement. Only a professional repairman should handle those delicate maintenance jobs.

Frequent Cycling
Another common problem is the frequent switching on and off of your heat pump. This can be caused by clogged filters, so once again, make sure that they are regularly cleaned out. According to the official government page, change out or clean your filters once a month. Also make sure to double-check if your thermostat is working properly. A broken thermostat is often the cause of frequent cycling. If none of these are working, then it’s time to call a professional repairman to get the job done.

Call the Professionals
Notice a common theme here? When you’ve exhausted all basic troubleshooting, then you should call a professional repairman. Our experts here at Cool Air Sam have the proper tools, replacement items, and training to get the job done quickly and safely. Never attempt to troubleshoot your heat pump beyond the basic methods. If the common problems do not apply to your heat pump issue, then call us!