Home Maintenance Plan

With energy costs going up every day, we know that you’ve got to find ways to lower your monthly utility bill.

That’s why we’re announcing our Cool Air Sam CLUB MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT. It can save you money on your utility bill, and provide you with additional peace of mind.

With our exclusive Cool Air Sam CLUB MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT, our highly-trained and certified technicians thoroughly inspect and maintain your system annually, and you’ll get 2 comprehensive air conditioning tune-ups per year (spring & fall). Plus you’ll receive these key benefits:

A. Correct problems before they become costly emergencies. (Did you know that 94% of all emergency breakdowns occur on non-maintained systems?)
B. Lower utility bills because seasonal tune-ups of your system improve efficiency and comfort. It may literally pay for itself every month!
C. Peace of mind, knowing that your system has been rigorously inspected and safety checked.

When your home system is operating at peak efficiency, it saves you money every time you turn it on. In many cases, the energy savings are more than enough to pay for the low monthly cost.

Still not enough to convince you? Additional benefits include the following discounts for our customers who purchase a Cool Air Sam CLUB MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT this month*:

A. 20% discount on equipment repairs while you have a Cool Air Sam CLUB MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT
B. 10% discount on indoor air quality products
C. No overtime charges
D. Priority Service
E. Remember, you receive two services in Spring A/C unit and Fall for furnace checkup.

BONUS: Ability to transfer the contract to a new owner or your new home

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

*Cool Air Sam ENERGY SAVINGS AGREEMENT pricing applies to homes with one system. Call for pricing if you have multiple systems. Contract will be pro-rated to services received if cancelled prior to 12 months. Your ENERGY SAVINGS AGREEMENT will renew automatically each year.