5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bills in the Winter

Although the winter months in Austin, TX don’t get as cold as other areas in the country, there are still plenty of ways you can save money on your energy costs this season.

  1. Turn Down the Thermostat: One of the easiest and best things you can do to cut your costs is to simply turn down your thermostat. When you leave the house for the day, or when you go to sleep at night, try to turn your heat down a few degrees. You’ll see a surprisingly noticeable difference in your heating bills by doing this regularly.
  2. Set a Timer: Along with turning down the thermostat, you can also add a timer to your home’s heating system. With devices like the Nest, you can now control your thermostat right from your fingertips! Once configured and installed, you can control your heat settings right from your phone, even when you’re not home. Smart thermostats are becoming more and more popular, and they’re definitely worth the one-time investment.
  3. Lower Your Water Temperature: One of the biggest culprits that contribute to your home’s heating costs is your hot water usage. It’s recommended that you lower the thermostat on your water heater during cooler months. Your water heater is the second largest source of energy use in your home.
  4. Invest in Insulation: Insulating your home properly is one of the best investments you can make – especially in Texas. A properly insulated home will save you hundreds in both your heating and cooling bills. Insulation helps keep both your warm and cool air inside your home.
  5. Utilize Warm Accessories: Space heaters and heated blankets are an excellent way to keep warm while keeping your thermostat low. Since electric uses less energy than gas, you can keep your thermostat set at a lower than normal temperature and just bundle up in your heated blanket or keep warm in front of your space heater!

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