Natural Allergy Remedies

Do you experience allergies every spring? Suffering from allergies can be extremely uncomfortable and can affect your qualify of life! While severe allergies require the care of a Medical Doctor, people who suffer from seasonal allergies can take some steps in order to make their life more comfortable! 1. Use a Neti pot It may… Read more »

How to Control Home Humidity in the Winter

It is important to monitor the humidity level of your home in the winter. If there is not enough humidity it causes dry skin; too much moisture leads to mold and mildew growth. In the winter, humidity levels drop because colder air holds less moisture than warm air, but since most people leave their windows… Read more »

Why Dehumidification is Important

Do you suffer from allergies? If you do, you know how hard it is to escape from allergens! Allergens can make their way into your home, causing you to suffer from allergy symptoms everywhere you go. A great way to control the air in your home is with a dehumidifier, which will filter the allergens… Read more »

Improve Air Quality with Green Household Cleaners

Did you know that you may be breathing toxic chemicals because of the cleaners you’re currently using? This is important to note, especially if young children, people with asthma, pets, or other vulnerable members of your household are at home while you clean. Do you actually know what’s in your household cleaners? Most people don’t…. Read more »

Allergies & Air Conditioning

If you suffer from allergies, you know that it is important to allergy-proof your environment. Of course, you can take allergy medication to reduce your symptoms as they occur but there are some simple measures you can take at home to keep your allergies under control. Pollen allergy? Close your windows & turn on your… Read more »

Common Home Heating Problems

Summer is ending. The nights are getting cooler. It’s almost time to turn the heat on again. The last thing you want on that first chilly night is to turn on the heat and discover that it’s not working. Don’t end up in that situation. Call a certified HVAC professional from Cool Air Sam to… Read more »

Tips for an Energy-Efficient Home

Thinking about going green? It’s a great feeling to know you’re lessening your impact on the environment. It feels even better when you save money living sustainably. No matter what your motivation is, living a green lifestyle is a great choice. Check out our favorite tips for keeping an energy-efficient home. Energy-efficient light bulbs and… Read more »

Saving Money and Energy During Heating Season

Winter isn’t too far off, and it’s during this time of year that people really begin thinking about their heating bills. They also often spend time trying to find ways to save money on those energy bills throughout the Winter season. Fortunately, there are hundreds of little things you can do to shave dollars off… Read more »

What You Need to Know about Carbon Monoxide that can Save Lives

You may have heard of the dangers of carbon monoxide, but there is some important information on the subject that you might not know. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a largely preventable situation, and being armed with the right information can save you and your loved ones from this deadly gas and its tragic effects. Carbon… Read more »

Easy Things You Can Do to Maximize Your HVAC Efficiency

With energy costs seemingly always on the rise, whether it be during the hot summer months or the cold winter season, homeowners are constantly searching for things they can do to keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets and less of it going towards their energy bills. While many people have already made… Read more »

Troubleshooting the Most Common Heat Pump Issues

Unfortunately, that’s difficult on your heat pumps. As explained by How Stuff Works, a heat pump uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another, and they can be used to heat up a room by pulling heat from the air or ground or reversed to cool off a room. And… Read more »