See Sam

Who is Cool Air Sam? He is a Miniature Dachshund. He is a working dog – our famous mascot for the company. He was the Founding Mascot.Sam

I am sure you’re wondering, why do they have a dog in their air conditioning company?

Well air conditioning is a little too serious so Sam makes it fun. When he’s not working he loves to chase any type of squeaky toy and play tug of war. He has a new girlfriend Bella. She’s kissing him now. Sam thinks he is a big – bad – watch dog.

He really has no idea how small he is – he is a big dog in a little package with attitude to go with it.

I share this with you because animals are such a blessing.

Sam sadly passed away in 2012 of Cancer. We now have Samson, who goes by Sam for short.

To Err Is Human – To Forgive Is Canine.

Original SamOriginal Sam

Sam staying cool with his shades. He is our dedicated A/C Dog. He sniffs out freon leaks. Sam says it’s “Time For Your A/C Check-Up – Call Us Now.” Don’t get caught this Summer without cool air. Sam has solutions for all your air conditioning needs. Call Now!

Original SamOriginal Sam
Died of Cancer in 2012


Original SamOriginal Sam
Sam the Mascot with weiner toy
Sam and Friend
Sam squeaker hot dog


Bella with Red Ball Swim
Sam & Bella fight for red weiner


Sam with Hat
Sam with Sweater
Grace and Lily
Winston is our newest rescue Weiner dog